Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Games Within the Game

I went for a little trot today on the beach. Maybe my little paunch that I have developed protruded a bit too much out of my wetsuit. The wetsuit is necessary in the 55 degree water down here at the Cape. Anyway, I was on my little trot when I ran into Bill Stewart and his son Robin. Former Metal guys. Friends from way back. Are these two the only father and son duo playing at the elite club level?

After my run, I settled into the spot where my family was boogie boarding, etc. I was there for a bit when I noticed, from afar, Bill, Robin, and a few friends playing a game of honey pot. First, it was nice to see real throws on the beach, and second, Ultimate players are just so quirkily restless. They are always up to something. Their game reminded me of an idea I heard about of documenting The Games Within The Game...other wise known as Alleviating Boredom. Here is the start of a list(by no means comprehensive....I never play any of these). By all means jump in.

1) Ro-Sham-Bo
2) Milk
3) Honey Pot
4) Goaltimate(?)
5) Hot Box
6) Frisbee, Banana, Water Bottle, Shoe, Goldfish
7) Bear Ninja Cowboy
8) Miniature Tanks


shubbard said...


Joaq said...

Flutter Guts
Double Disc Court

gcooke said...

I take it back. I did like playing DDC during bye rounds.


Nate said...

coolerball and trashcan jousting

Alberto said...



gapoole said...

Guts. The "Greatest" circle. Redemption (marking drill).

My friends and I came up with a game, but never named it. You throw a scoober to your opponent, who must kick the disc up and then catch it with one hand. Alternate "serves". At least, I think we came up with this game.

Joe's Brother said...


dusty.rhodes said...

Other Silly Reindeer Games:

The Game (I just lost)

There are waaaay more. I'm not using more brain power on it now though.

If you ask me, RSA, Boot and anything involving Flutter are the top 3.

Julian said...

Disc jousting (really silly, requires two people and 6 discs)

And there's no disc game I hate more than Boot. What a waste.


Shawn said...

In and Out box.

Is this just a midwest thing?

Kyle Weisbrod said...

Stop the Chump

Warrior Princess said...


We once played an indoor game where it was 2 on 2 with a volleyball net. You had to "serve" the disc under the net and try to get it past your opponents without it hitting the floor.

Melissa said...

Second on Flutterguts.
Second on Pokey.
Also play cash-gun-cabby.

What's the game played tossing at posts with beers on top?

Man, I love pokey.

Knappy said...

In Philly, Ultisquash is quite popular.

It's a bloody game involving 2 on 2 (sometimes 3 on 3) on a squash court.

I'm with Dusty---Durango Boot is one of the best.

bettyflygirl said...

- hippo ball
- beery blade
- washers
- trash disc
- marco polo (w/ danger points)
- walking/drinking ultimate
- quarter-claw-stuffed animal
- rocks
- butt bumpers (stand back to back and ass someone out of their stance, keeping your feet planted)
- one footed paper bag grab limbo (stand one one foot, bend down to pickup bag with teeth. each time the round ends, the bag gets smaller and smaller)
- monkey love (climb over someone from front to back without touching the ground)
- guitar hero?

ultimate has introduced so many game-within-a-games. i LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Can someone compile a description and "how to play" each of these? Gcooke, perhaps a follow-up post?

I've heard of many, but not heard of many more...

gcooke said...


Great point. I realized a few comments in that I should do something about the rules.

I will work on a follow up post.


gapoole said...

How could I forget pokey...and walking Ultimate!

-The box game?...3v3 in a 15yd square, stall count starts at 6, object is to complete consecutive passes. No idea what this is really called, it may have even been mentioned already.
-That shoulder-tapping game we played at NUTC.

The Josh Seamon's SJA girls team in Vermont played a couple "spirit games" at their invitational. They should definitely be contacted for contribution.

AJ said...


neurodancer said...

The triple crown, ultimate on peyote, mushrooms and acid. I mention it because it is a whole nother game.

Seigs said...


And, though it was only invented last weekend at the Boston Invite, Foamball definitely deserves mention.

Dave. said...

Schwagball (throwing discs into plastic bins).
Gay Plate (ultimate with a flimsy paper plate).

bigrig said...

Some descriptions for Boot, Cups, Flutterguts

Another one for Cups:


Marc said...

Played on the sands of Rimini (and some other select spots):

Mini Disc Mini Box: 3v3, scoring box is 2x2. Picks encouraged.

Double Disc Net Court: like DDC, cept there's a shoulders-high net across the middle of the court. Discs have to go over.

Stack Attack: 3v3. Teams get themselves in a 2/1 pyramid. Object is to knock the opponent's top person off their base players.

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