Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Images by Brian Cook

Camper Counselor game: kids put out the "small" line. Not kidding. All Paideia/Amherst middle schoolers under 5' 2" against Dylan, Micah, Brent, etc......they throw into a poach and 1 pass later it is a goal for the counselors. On the way back to line I overhear the kids saying "I think our problem was we threw to the same 1/3 of the field as the cutter". Very cute. We chuckle now, but we were probably looking at the core of the 2012 Worlds team.

Overall, a young camp this week. Many middle school players, which is great. We need to be on high alert for dehydration, though, as the small kids have no body fat and they have to push themselves hard to keep up with the big kids.

Dylan won counselor distance, placing both first and second. Josh Seamon came in third. Tiina and Micah seeded the tournament. All 4 teams from Pool B made semis.

Closing camp feels like a big step toward the twilight of summer. Thanks to all our counselors, our wonderful nursing staff, and the staff at NMH.


ben h. said...

middle schoolers?

what's the age limit?

gcooke said...


14, although we will accept an occasional older, experienced 13 year old.


Julian said...


How's the shoulder? You're about two weeks out, right? Pain gone? Range of motion ok?

I'm three week out from my own dislocation, and I'm pretty pain-free. I think I was lucky and the dislocation wasn't bad so I don't have a lot of structural damage. Joint still feels "lose" though.

Hope the PT goes well!


gcooke said...

Hi Julian,

Well, that is very kind of you to check in.

The shoulder is ok. I would say my range of motion is similar to that of when I would strain my rotator cuff, that is pretty good, but limited in certain ways.

I went to the PT and I have been doing my exercises. The PT did spend some time telling me the stats: 80% re-dislocate probability, etc. He said it was good that it was my off shoulder and that I felt a lot of pain as that might indicate less muscle tearing. So we will see....

I am glad to hear that you are healing up as well.