Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What's Going On

Seems like I have hit the ground running after a very fun and relaxing summer.

Worked the Wake Forest-BC game on Sat. I continue to find the way that the coaches speak to the players interesting. As I mentioned a year ago, the coaches are jumping from the small details("keep your elbows in on those blocks") to the big picture ("make them beat us with the pass"). The pre-game warm-up routines are highly scripted, but I thought it was interesting that there is little to no warm-up when they return from the locker room for the 3rd qtr. I am working the NC State game this upcoming Sat. Tom O'Brien's reception should be interesting.

Practice with the Whiptails begins today. We are having returning players practice this week, and then we will open things up for the new players next week. The focus this fall will be very much on offensive fundamentals. We will probably hammer away at a few basic principles. I am very curious about the number and experience of our new players. I am hope we can keep building on last year's trend of lots of motivated players.

I am helping with scheduling, etc for CHC. I am not going to be able to make the trip this year due to working the NC State game. I am going to be missing a bunch of tournaments this fall due to other commitments. I think CHC looks to be great, so I am bummed I am missing it.

Sectionals starts this weekend. In general, it seems like teams negotiated the Team Registration Deadline and emerged relatively unscathed. I hope the Coordinators find this is an improvement over past years.


Mackey said...

Definitely an improvement. Not only do I know well in advance who (and how many) to expect, but I also don't need to go around chasing teams down to get their late fees, which always wound up being more work than seemed justifiable.

One is almost given to thoughts of "Why didn't we just come up with this in the first place?" but hindsight is always 20/20, as they say.

-Matt Mackey
WNE open SC
(#33, Dartmouth)

PS any word on this year's UCPC?

gcooke said...


The idea of a single deadline has been floating around for a few years, we just felt that small steps would be the way to go(creating a late deadline, developing the on-line system, etc).

Thanks for asking about the UCPC. I am securing permits for the venue this week and am working on a couple of budget issues. The plan is to have a formal announce very shortly.


gapoole said...

Any insider tips on where it will be? Caitlin is now at BC (and was at that game, I saw it on TV and it was really fun to watch), so the Boston area would be fun to visit again. Maybe that's too much to hope for, though.

I think our focus this fall will be organizing the structures of our new A/B team split. We have to figure out what to teach and stress for each team. I think our plan for the first few weeks is to have two practices for everybody, plus one returner-only practice each week until tryouts divide people up. What's your format for tryouts?