Sunday, April 24, 2005

It all happens this week....

Very busy week upcoming.

WORK: I start rehearsals for Boston College's production of "Candide" this week. The show opens Weds. The show is a bit of a challenge from an audio point of view as much of the action takes place in the house, creating gain before feedback issues.

I am happy with the few sound effects cues, however. I found a great website,, so putting together interesting cues has become much easier.

The Arts Festival at BC also happen this week. Weds-Sat. Lots of groups. Hopefully, it won't be too cold as it is outside.

I am finishing writing the final exam for the classes I teach at the New England Institute of Art. The final is Tues.

MUSIC: Juts put a new song on my iCompostitions website. A ditty called "Let's Get Greasy".

ULTIMATE: I have Regionals next weekend with the Wellelsley Whiptails. The team has really worked hard and improved, so it has been an enjoyable year. We do not have the goal of making it to Nationals this year, so it is a bit tricky to set goals for a tournament in which you know you probably won't place in the top 6.

My club team, 6 Trained Monkeys, starts up next Sunday.

FAMILY: Ruth and Frances come back today from Passover in Pa. Tomorrow, Frances turns in her "Map of Ghana" project.

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