Monday, May 02, 2005

NE Regionals Report

The Whiptails came into Regionals seeded 10th (out of 16 teams), so we were scheduled to play BU in the first round. We lost to BU 8-7 at Sectionals, so we felt comfortable that we would give them a game....and possibly have a shot to win it.

The weather was rainy and cold. Our game started at 9:00, so it was difficult for the girls to get warmed up. I think we did do a good job of getting ready to play, and it showed as we took half 7-4. We were having success with our trapping cup zone, and our zone O was calm and efficient. The main goal for the second half was to not let the thought that "we could win this game" tighten us up for the second half. We continued to play well, but BU did make a nice run...which we were expecting. We ended up winning 11-9. It was a big win for us.

Next came Dartmouth (seeded #2). Very good team. I told my girls that we should expect that they could break the mark, throw well, play hard D, etc, but that they would give us openings. We hung in their with them until 6-4. Then they broke us and took half. They adjusted well in the second half to our trapping cup, and were very successful in getting the disc to folks that were sitting in the holes. They went on a 4-0 run. I threw in the towel, and we opened up the roster to try to get folks to warm up.

Down to the losers bracket we go. We play Brown B and crush them 13-1.

Next is Amherst in the game for the top 6 on Sunday (3 teams go to Nationals). It felt good that we had made it as far as we did when we had 14 seniors in 03. We came out, however, playing just like we were happy to be there. Our Zone O suddenly collapsed and before you know it, it is 5-1 Amherst. We go on a run and tie it at 5's. It then becomes an upwind downwind affair in which they are scoring to go up by 1, and then we tie. At 9-8 Amherst, we are going downwind, but turn it over within 20 yards of our goal. They convert after a few turns, and it to 12. That took the wind out of sails, and Amherst closed it out 12-8. I think the girls really wanted to get home and get some food.

I am really proud of our group effort. I think the team really came together and we played up to our potential.

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