Thursday, November 03, 2005

Blogworld as a positive resource

This Ultimate bogworld has the potential to be a great teaching and learning resource. I have used some of the teachings to great effectiveness with my Wellesley girls. Here are a couple that stand out for me:

1) How to teach players the hammer-

I have used Idris' method to efficiently teach my girls how to throw hammers. At Nationals, I was speaking with one of my 6TM teammates who plays for the Yale College team. We were discussing my girls beating them 12-3 at Coffee Cup. She said, "They kept dropping hammers over the cup!" Awesome.

2) Clam Defense-

Al gives a great historical and practical description of the clam:

I like the perspective, and I think this usage could be helpful in college women's Ultimate as teams tend to be a bit predictable starting the disc off a turnover.

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Chuck said...

funny videos said:

The internet can be a great source of information.

Happy double ooooh seven to you, and the girls.