Tuesday, August 29, 2006

UCPC: Venue, Date, and Request for Proposal Announce

I just finalized the permits for our venue, so I can announce that the Ultimate Coaches and Players Conference will be held at Newton South High School in Newton, MA on January 27, 2007. Newton South has just undergone a major renovation, so the UCPC will be held in a new venue that should suit our needs.

Also at this time, we are seeking proposals for presentations. We are hoping to have a wide range of topics at the UCPC, so we are excited to hear about your ideas.

Please go to www.buda.org/ucpc for the latest updates. If you wish to submit a proposal, please click on the "Submit a Proposal" button and fill out the form. We look forward to hearing from you.


Ben McIntosh said...


This is Ben McIntosh, an alumus of Newton South. We met at NUTC. If you're looking for our team to support you and help out, than contact our coach, Burt Granofsky. His email is bgranofsky@gmail.com and the current captian's email is jchen0@msn.com

gcooke said...

Awesome, Ben.

I was just thinking about needing their e-mail addresses today.



CTW said...

Hey George,
I got some trivia for yah. What 2 ultimate players that you know by name went to Nationals who were on the same team also went to Newton South High School when they were younger. Bonus question, what was the third player on their team that also went to Newton South High School. Lastly, who was their coach who in my opinion is the best coach ever because he truly made the kids who came out love the sport!
p.s. I really liked the post before this.
yours, CTW

gcooke said...

OK, I suck.

The players are just out of reach in my mind, but the only NSHS coach that I know from years ago is Steve Striar.

The first thing that came to mind was Ben Worthen and Sam Rosenthal, but they are Newton North and didn't play on Dog together.


kbf said...

ding! Who are Sean Laing, Michael Miller, and Matthew Greytak?

gcooke said...