Monday, August 21, 2006

Upcoming Pre-Season Events

As I have said before, I am really excited about the Fall Series this year. The first big milestone is the early deadline for online roster submission, which is this Friday. In addition, there are four pre-season tournaments that I will be watching via the trusty SRT. These events all look to be competitive and will provide important intra-regional data points.

Aug 26-27:

1) Chesapeake- Mostly top MA teams like AAS, AMP, Olio, and Hooray. I will be watching to see if newcomer, Black Molly, can follow up on its Howdown win. Garrett says that this team, with a full roster (it looks like Spear/ Raleigh Llamas), can play with anyone in the country. Added in are NE teams Puppet Regime and Tandem.

2) Chowdafest- Since this tournament moved from late June to late August, it has become an important preview of NE Regionals. This year should be no different as Slow White and Chinstrap will be there plus MA teams Philly KRU and Animal.

Sept 2-3:

3) Labor Day:

Highly competitive 10-team field with 5 National Qualifiers from the NW and SW. Throw in the Gendors and this is a great group of teams.

Sept 9-10:

4) CHC- Once again we get a nice blend of teams with 4 regions represented. All the top Central teams are there (CLX, Moe, ICE, Mr Briefcase, Salsa Police), plus top teams from the MA (Black Molly, AAS), NE (6TM, Slow White, Puppet Regime), and the SW (Pleasure town). Should be true to its billing: a great tune-up.


jtflynn said...
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jtflynn said...

Labor Day is going to be a hoot. Every NW & SW '05 nationals qualifier will be there (except disbanded Shazam, obviously) along with Gendors and four Bay area teams who are all capable of messing up anyone's plans on Sunday at Regionals.

good stuff,
whor$hack #2

btw... i rarely see posts in Ulti-Talk land from mixed division folks. I wonder how many are lurking.

jtflynn said...

i was reading about changes on Ring involving a number of folks joining the mixed world. i don't know if it might make more sense to wait until after some of these big tournaments, but i would love to hear about big east coast changes. out west, the disbanding of Shazam and RFBF have left some holes on the scene. as usual, there are a number of Bay Area teams fighting to be the next big thing. (I can say more once I see them over the Labor Day weekend.) I'm sure there are stories in the mid-west and south, so this is just a prodding to see what's known.


gcooke said...


I have been planning on doing some writing abut some of the changes out here, but haven't gotten to it yet.

I think the Black Molly team is pretty big news for the MA. I know that Annapolis All-Stars have revamped their roster.

In the NE, things are pretty much the same, although 6TM has gone through some pretty significant roster changes (I am not including myself in that).


jtflynn said...

Labor Day told us quite a bit about the status of the NW/SW teams. Gendors and Mischiefs have put themselves up on the tip top tier with Brass Monkey. (I would put equal odds on any of the 3 making finals in Sarasota.) Family Style is the new Bay Area team to fear. Bad Larry looked strong. Whor$hack is solid as well but has some work to do. DTL and Wagon, Silly Rabbit and Night Train have skills but didn't put it together during that weekend. Anyway, I can give a bit more detail if/when there's more discussion following the big Midwest/East Coast pre-series events.

whor$hack #2/#74