Monday, November 06, 2006

Upgrading to Blogger Beta

I have spent a bunch of hours over the past few days getting up to speed on this new Blogger Beta upgrade.

There are some pretty cool features and I hovered around on various Blogger Hack Blogs to customize my blog with "peekaboo" posts and nav bar. Geeky stuff, really. So my blog is pretty tripped out at this point...which is fun.

One of the big issues I have been dealing with the way that the rss feed is handled in Beta. In the old version, updates and edits did not affect the overall timestamp of a post in terms of its rss feed. Essentially, the rss feed made the timestamp the publish date even if a post was updated or edited. In Beta, however, all edits and updates to a post result in a new rss timestamp.....the time of the update. So, last week when I upgraded, Beta gave new timestamps to all my posts (the time of the upgrade), and my blog proceeded to flood Ultimatetalk with over 100 posts. I am working with Idris on this (he is being very patient with me), so I hope to have my feed to Ultimatetalk up and running sometime this week. This change will impact bloggers as they will want to keep edits of older posts down to a minimum. There is also potential for reader confusion as the new rss feed does not list posts in order of publish date, but by update or edit date.

In the meantime, you are free to use the handy Feedburner subscription on my blog if you want to receive e-mail updates when new posts are published on this blog.

Thanks, g


Julian said...

Wondered why you'd been so quiet lately...

I've been messing with Blogger Beta as well. The peekaboo posts thing is awesome! Now I just have to figure out how to write something that anyone would want to read.

gcooke said...

Hi Julian,

Thanks for stopping by.

I am going to be putting up new posts shortly.

Hopefully, I will get back onto Ultimatetalk soon.