Tuesday, July 18, 2006

NUTC: Camper/Counselor Game

We just had the camper/counselor game.

We won 15-4.

It was all about Flash.

As promised, I "came out of retirement" for the Big Game. I sang myself onto the field with the "Chariots of Fire" theme song. Then we put on the NUTC Eye-Black, and it was...........the Dylan Show. He pretty much ruled the air. He threw a no-look-pass behind him for a goal. He took off his NUTC jersey to reveal a basketball jersey while running for a goal.

During half-time, we had the counselor distance contest. Derek won, followed by Dylan...then for third.....Yours Truly with the Power Grip!

Game point featured the couselors playing off-hand catch/off-hand throw. We did have a turn, but with Emily B running the show (she has had to practice her lefty throws as she had shoulder surgery a year ago) we were able to close it out.

The kids stayed to play pick-up as the sun was going down. Good stuff. Hopefully the heat will break tomorrow.


Ryan said...

Good to hear it ;)

gapoole said...

All about flash, despite the previously proclaimed policy of "no flash" for the campers? Interesting. I think that one of the problems with the camper/counselor game is that the campers never have a chance to work together for more than two points or so. Of course, the lack of experience is a bigger problem. Congrats on the third place.

How have you changed the way NUTC teaches dump cuts? I just blogged about that cut of death stuff, because I got smashed at my last summer league game from it.

gcooke said...

Hi Glen,

I have to say that the campers played very well last night. They possessed the disc and made good decisions. The subbing for the campers was a bit more loose than last year, so there was some opportunity for them to work together.

In terms of the Flash comment, you know, as a NUTC alum, that the game is fun...that was what the Flash comment meant.

I was actually doing logistic stuff during the dump work, so I didn't see it...I know, as I said in my Cut of Death post, that the priority is changing fields.

I am sorry to hear that you got hurt.


Ryan said...

They don't need to change the way dump cuts work, they need to reinforce stack placement. If the front of the stack is where they're supposed to be, you'll never get those upline injury plays. Either because there won't be anyone to poach or the thrower will make the break instead.

Ryan said...

Glenn, I just read your blog post about it. You're right that in this case the stack position didn't have much to do with it. I'd say that it's just a matter of making sure throwers make better throws/decisions. That's tough to hear when you're injured, but I think the guy thought he had a real play on the disc and would probably call the contact legit (albeit a foul).

gapoole said...

George, understood about the "flash" comment. I do remember, it was a lot of fun--I only wish that I could have played more, and that is a good sign! I meant no disrespect to you or the program.

Ryan, good point, the thrower probably could have seen the errant defender and looked me off. I have to say, though, the guy definitely made a play on me, not the disc.

gcooke said...


None taken. I appreciate your comments.