Wednesday, July 26, 2006

NUTCvillage-Disc 1 (Extended Version)

Disc 1 features the entire Session B camper/counselor game. All the highlights from the Destructors 15-1 win are available. Some exciting moments were Mike Wiseman landing on Chelsea Dengler after they both went up in the air. The Longmeadow program scored the only goal, and overall the game was a bit sloppy. I continued my trend from last week of finding myself matched up against the fastest kid in camp (perhaps they are trying to set up a mismatch. Hey, if I look down the line and see BVH, Graham, Chelsea, Micah, Dylan, etc......I would do the same) and then beating them deep. I guess I do have some legs left.

As the first game moved rather quickly, Disc 2 is the special "Extended Version". Game 2 saw the Destructors tighten it up for a 10-1 win. The major highlight was when a "ringer" from Amherst High went up and ripped a goal away from Graham and BVH.


jtflynn said...

don't break our Chelsea!!!


Ryan said...

I was a fan of Travis Volpe (chs '05) matching up on Miranda and then getting totally destroyed two years ago.