Monday, July 31, 2006

NUTC-Session C

This is the busy week. 104 campers.

First, though, this story from the end of Session B:

Last Wednesday afternoon I came to the fields after running some errands and I saw two gentlemen, probably in their 70's, sitting under the tent watching the proceedings. I went over to introduce myself, and they introduced themselves as twin brothers who live in the area. They said that they heard that there was a frisbee camp in town and that they wanted to see what it was all about. They asked me how I liked the facilities and, when I described how much we liked Northfield School, they seemed delighted. I then found out that the brothers went to this school, one of them was a former Board member, and that their Great-Grandfather had founded the school. They were very happy that the school was being put to good use. By this time, the kids had begun warming up for scrimmaging, so the brothers and I began a lively discussion of the sport. They seemed to be endlessly enthusiastic and interested in what we were doing. We discussed the camp, the stall, self-officiating, and the club and college structure. They would ask questions like "What skill sets do you need to be a handler?". Every time one of the campers did an athletic play (they were scrimmaging by now), they would say things like "Look at that throw!", or "Isn't that wonderful!". I mentioned to them that we were going to have the finals in "Goaltimate Stadium" the following morning as they started to make their way home. The following morning, I walked out of the dorm to start the finals, and it is a nice scene. The dorm overlooks the field in a natural bowl, so campers and parents were spread out on the hill. It is a very nice way to watch the game. As I made my way down to the field, I noticed one of the brothers, my new friend, perched in his fold-up chair with his wife and a friend in prime spectator form, ready to go. I went over to say hello, and I noticed that they all had copies of the 10th Edition Rules in their hands! I asked where they had gotten them, thinking that maybe somebody from the camp had given it to them. They said that had printed them up from the internet and were studying them to get ready for the finals! I was pretty much in love by this point. I spent a few moments watching the game with them, and they appreciated the plays, but also enjoyed learning about zone to man transitions, skill sets, positions, and other strategy.

Onto the week at hand. Our counselors this week:

The All-In Crew:

Returning for second week:

New this week:
Tully Beatty

Yesterday we ran our normal schedule, but the focus, with double the amount of campers, was to move everyone quickly from place to place. We did have some campers struggle with the heat, but everyone made it through the day even though we ran them pretty hard with the sprints.

Tomorrow we break up into teams for the rest of the week.

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Jeters said...

I was talking to Lexi on your format for the camp. We run (a much smaller) camp up here in Ontario for one week at a place called Olympia Sports Camp. We use the format of 2 hours morning, 2 hours afternoon and 2 hours at night so that the two hours in the afternoon can be used for lighter activities. Then at night we can play full on games in the slightly cooler conditions.

This might help out on the heat struggle, but adds an additional complexity of campers with free-time.