Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bids to Boston Invitational are going fast

Bids to the Boston Invitational are going fast. We are very excited
about the demand for spots and we think it is going to be a very full
and competitive tournament. While the deadline for bids (May 26th) is
a month away, teams cannot wait much longer if they hope to get a
spot. We anticipate that all bids could be allocated by the end of
the week. If you want to participate in one of the premier east coast
tournaments of the summer, you need to get your bid in ASAP.
The website:


Teams list:


CTW said...

Congratulations on getting such great competition for BI. Just wondering if a team wins Easterns or does the best of a team that wasn't invited to BI do they still get an invitiation to Boston Invitational like all the years before? I think the first year of my team, we were the ones that got this bid and it really pushed us forward the rest of the season.
yours, CTW

gcooke said...


Yes, the offering of a "play-in" slot from ME is a great feature. We decided, however, to reduce the number of teams to 8 this year as we wanted to make sure that we could guarantee 3 games on Sunday(which we can't do with 10) and make sure that, for the teams traveling from the West Coast, that the competition is a high as possib;e.

So, we are foregoing to the "play-in" opportunity, unfortunately, for this year.

Thanks, G