Monday, April 16, 2007

Initial Bids to Boston Invitational Announced

The initial bids to the Boston Invitational have been announced here.

The pool of teams looks to be excellent and we continue to receive
bids from quality teams. Bids will continue to be accepted on a
rolling basis, so check back to see if your bid has been accepted.


Marc said...

Wow. Awesome mixed lineup so far. Looking forward to it!

AMP #11

gcooke said...

Hey Doc,

Yeah, the Slow White folks have done a lot of work to get more teams out to certain tournaments and build a sense of seaon, improve the quality of Mixed competition of the top teams, and, with more inter-regional results, seeding data will be improved(...I'm confused...has there been a problem?).

So, they deserve a lot of the credit for making this a very high quality event.

I should say as well that the Women's Div looks to be very competitive as well...great bunch of teams there.


Krishna said...

On the other hand, the Open field looks much weaker than it has in the past.

gapoole said...

I might get into this tournament. I plan on trying out for Brooklyn as soon as the college season is over. The prospect of club Ultimate is pretty exciting...

Rich said...

In regards to the open field being weaker, I think the top talent is just more condensed. Potomac into Truck Stop, DoG and Metal combined, and Pike not playing together(some to PoNY, some to TS?). Combined with the lack of Clapham or someone else from Europe and thats 4 fewer 'elite' teams, but the quality of the play at the top should be far better than years past.

Krishna said...

Pike not playing together? Then who is going to Henlopen as Pike?

In general, some of the top teams have combined, but what about teams like Sub Zero, Ring, Machine, BAT, Doublewide, etc that have attended in the past?

Tim said...

Pike is playing together and planning on going to Boston. Just haven't put the bid in yet.