Wednesday, April 11, 2007

UPA SRT Formats: Soft Time Cap/End of Round, etc

A common question I get from players when they are looking at UPA Sectional and Regional formats on the SRT is, "Why is there a 30 minute break between rounds?" An example of what I am talking about is Pool A above.

Start of Round-9AM(So far so good)
Start of next round-11AM(Got that)
So.."what is that 10:30AM time?" is the question I receive. Just to back up for a moment, the old nomenclature for rounds is reflected in Pool B. Here is the way it went:

Start of Round- 9AM
End of round-10:45AM
15 minute break between rounds
Soft Time Cap-15 minutes before the end of the round
Start of the next round-11AM

This is overly complicated and, when one looks closely, one realizes that the "end of the round" serves no real purpose. The round does not actually end at that time (unless there is a hard cap at the end of the round).

The language on this was changed about a year ago, I believe. The Championship Committee discussed that a reasonable amount of time between the SOFT TIME CAP and the start of the next round was 30 minutes. This 30 minute break was edited into every one of the official UPA formats on the SRT. It is a much more clear and concise way of describing things:

Pool A(the same schedule as Pool B above)
Start of Round:9AM
Soft Time Cap:10:30AM
Start of Next Round: 11AM

Just as additional examples, I have included pools C and D as examples of different times between the start of the round and the soft time cap.

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