Tuesday, May 17, 2005

All the news


Slammed this week. I have a Fidelity Investments meeting for most of the week. 6am calls...harsh. I just learned that my Live Sound class was cancelled for the summer. That is kind of a bummer, but a bit of relief.


Finished up my season with Wellesley this past weekend. We ended on a high note by beating the Alums in the annual match-up. My captains were delighted.

Things are starting to ramp up for the June tournaments. I had a good work out week last week, so I am starting to feel like I am getting in shape. I am looking at the the list of folks interested in trying out for 6TM during Mixed Easterns. Weirs...barely any folks there from last year.


Frances and I stayed up and watched the Survivor Finale last night.

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