Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mother's Day: Menu for my Wife

I enjoy cooking. I recently received Ming Tsai's latest cook book, and the real unique thing is that it is organized around the featured sauces and marinades. So, for example, I am going to prepare steak tips with a garlic peppercorn sauce. This sauce can be used with lobster (recipe is in the book), and when I sampled that dish at Ming's restaurant, Blue Ginger, it was wonderful. I will also use the garlic peppercorn sauce with sauted bok choi and portabella mushrooms. Rice and steamed beet greens will round out the meal.

My grandmother gave us some wonderful mocha fudge sauce, so we will have that over ice cream.

My wife does not make that big a deal out of Mother's Day. In past year's, I have frequently gone to tournaments on this weekend. Ruth did not seem perturbed by that, but it will be nice to be around for the day...for once.

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