Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Stones

The Boston Herald proclaimed that tickets for the Stones at Feway Pahk are going for $3500.00. I saw the Stones in 1981 for $16.00, AND it included George Thorogood and Journey. The latter's performance was extra special as most of the crowd gave them the finger for their entire show. I was a huge Stones fan then, and also a Beatles fan. I have no time for the "which were better" arguments, and even less time for the "Ringo was a bad drummer" discussions. As if our petty little opinions matter. One only needs to listen to the entire Let It Bleed record to get that Keith Richard was a force in 1969. He played all the guitar parts on the record, and the bass on several.

I think the only shows that I might pay $3500.00 for would involve time travel. Pink Floyd's Animals, Dark Side, and Wish You Were Here tours. Led Zep around the Song Remains the Same period. I think that is about it. Probably the Stones 69 tour and a Beatles show as well.

The Stones were actually not that great in 1981, although I loved that they played "Let It Bleed".

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Marshall said...

The Who's last tour with Keith...