Friday, December 02, 2005

3 Teams that I would like to play on

1) Team Blogworld--I don't know....we might do well at Fools.

2) Team USA Selection Committee--So far, teams 1 and 2 give me a chance to play with Tim.

3) Team NUTC--The age disparity is so large that I am sure I would vault immediately to "sideline figurehead".


parinella said...

You know, I was just thinking that we ought to form a blog team for a tournament like Fools or NYF or Vegas.

And related to #2, a few years ago when I was on the Board we were going to enter a UPA team into the Turkey Swamp tournament and call ourselves "The Man." Couldn't get enough people, though.

micah said...

There has been some talk about a NUTC team... I think for Potlatch, but not sure. Regardless, I'd imagine that your role would be greater than you imagine "sideline figurehead AND fitness guru" seems about right to me.

Seigs said...

If there's a Blogworld team, you gotta let Santos, J-Co, and me play.

That is if Timmy and Jim would even be seen wearing the same uniform as us...

gcooke said...


To me, the pups are a given. I mean, who else is going to run?

These comments bring up a little side note for me. There are many times in life in which we have an idea...and it never happens. A lot of the time, like this thread, it involves a grouping of people and something that "we should do". For me, there is frequently the thought that "it will never happen".

Last year, Jay Clyne, Cork, Marshall, and I had one these ideas: watch all three LOTR movies back to back in one day. Again, immediate thought: "Will never happen". Well, one day I open my e-mail and I have a message from Cork "LOTR viewing is happening tomorrow". Not only did we achieve the goal, bit all of us made it through the whole thing. It took us 12 hours ( the hardest part was at the end of Two Towers....none of us thought we were going to make it). For me, the experienceis at the top of the "weird ideas that actually came to fruition".

sometallskinnykid said...

This would be hilarious.

A couple of thoughts-

1. We would have to have labtops on the sidelines so we could blog our thoughts of our teammates.

2. We should find a way to get an rsd all start there too. Now, that would be an intense game.

3. Seigs, it is club ultimate after all, we will need some hacks there!

aj said...


gcooke said...


Just to make sure....the proposal is RSD All-Stars vs Team Blogworld?

Is the RSD team all time all-stars? We might not get Jim.......


parinella said...

Whoa, not so fast there, big guy. The team is for active bloggers only. Publish or perish.

Marshall said...

Feeling full of myself now that I have a link on Ultimate Talk (though not as a contributor, of course), I hope that I can join.