Thursday, December 15, 2005

Whiptails: Fall 05

The captains and I developed pretty simple goals for the fall. The primary goal was to focus on throwing and catching. I think we able to develop facility in these skills, and the team seemed to want to work hard to gain confidence in these areas.

We talked a lot about spacing downfield and making good angles when cutting. We worked on away dumps and we had time to fit new players into zone O and D.

The team had success at tournaments this fall. We beat MIT, Rogue, and Harvard at Sectionals. We lost to Dartmouth and Tufts a couple of times, but beat Yale and BU. We lost to Northeastern twice, but beat them in a scrimmage in November.

We did lose some prospects to other interests, but we do have a few new players that seem to love the sport.

Two areas that fell through the cracks were: updating our personal goal cards, and our rules gurus did not go over a rule before every practice.

I was very happy with the end of the year as we had good attendance for our last two weeks of optional practices. In the past years, folks have just not showed up. Not only were we able to get numbers, but we got a lot done in terms of conditioning and beginning work on decision making.

We now have winter break. Practices start up again at the end of January.

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