Saturday, December 03, 2005

Why the interest in Mixed Ultimate?

Lots of talk about Mixed Ultimate these days. Funny thing is, most of it at least seems to based on a sincere concern for Mixed to be better. It was almost easier when no one gave a shit, or just bashed it. It was easy to dismiss bashing. Now we have to actually acknowledge problems. Which is good!

-I think Jim started it here

-Dave Klink then started a thread on RSD

-Then we have the new Condors blog

-Marshall adds his perspective from a conversation with a woman player from 6TM

-Although a bit off topic, Tim spent some time with the World Games DVD

So, why all of the interest? Why was there so much discussion on RSD before Natsionals about qualifier predictions, seeding, etc? Maybe there is not much else to talk about. I mean I know that having the Mixed Final as the middle game was a personal affront to most folks, but I guess that is what surprises me about all this talk. Why are folks spending time on this?

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jtflynn said...

could be...
+ more people playing co-ed (in and out of the fall series)
+ more stories to tell with lots of teams rising/falling from season to season
+ the complexity of mixed gender play is great fodder for strategic discussion/analysis

personally, i prefer to have mixed as part of the discussion. even with the criticism, there's no doubt that the development and quality of play are both headed in a happy place.

good times indeed,