Thursday, December 29, 2005

Training: Base 1 review

Base 1: 11/28/05-12/25/05

Strength Goal-3x/week. Basic Foundational Program

Cardio Goals:

11% of total year hours=12.1 month hours

OD=8.1 hours
EN=4 hours


Strength: 12 sessions over 4 weeks


OD=7.88 hours
EN=3.85 hours

10.4% of total year hours
12510 calories

Overall, not too bad. A bit off for my cardio totals. Most of that came during my last "easy" week, which was quite busy with family and the holidays. My motivation is much higher this year due to, I think, three factors:

1) wanting to challenge myself more than last year
2) feeling a sense of accountability to this blog
3) my new Patagonia gear

So....not a bad start.

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