Monday, July 09, 2007

Getting Ready for NUTC

On Friday, I will pack up and head out to Northfield Mount Herman for my third year at Assistant Director for NUTC. Can immersing oneself in Ultimate for three weeks be considered anything other than luxurious? Probably not, although in my case, getting the family either out to camp, or day care arranged for when my wife is at work in Boston, plus making sure that I am somewhat involved is a challenge. Ah...the sacrifices I make for this little game of ours......

I do think that NUTC will be great this year. Tiina and I have been having a bunch of discussions about tweaks to the program (both big and small), and, as usual, she is pushing things forward and making improvements step by step. There is a lot of reliance on the feedback we receive from both the campers and the counselors and Tiina if you are returning to NUTC this year, I think you will notice the attention to detail.

The list of counselors looks great. A couple of core folks will be missing this year due jobs and a wedding, but there are some exciting new faces(Ted Munter!?!! for example) that should spice things up in a different way.

I will be posting frequently from camp over the next few weeks. If you attending camp and are reading this: be prepared to have a great time. Take advantage of the opportunity that has been given to you. Try to be in pretty good shape...although if you are is pretty much too late.

I look forward to seeing both old and new faces. We have campers coming from new states(Wyoming!) plus the usual suspects from Atlanta, Seattle, California, Amherst, Boston, Chicago, New Jersey, etc, etc. We will also have some campers from the Columbian Worlds team(I don't speak any other I will be useless), so that is very cool.

More to come next week.....


gapoole said...

I emailed Tiina after the UCPC about becomming a CIT, but she never got back to me...a little disappointing. But I do hope it's another awesome year for NUTC, and I'm sure it will be--I had a great time when I attended. The junior captain for my old high school is attending one of the sessions, but I couldn't convince anybody else to go.

Jeters said...

I know Lexi is excited. It sounds like NUTC is continuing to flourish. Are you going to pass on any insight on the camp structure or is that NUTC secret recipes.


Julian said...


I'm looking forward to reading about NUTC again. Jody and BVH are good friends and they rave about the place. It sounds like a very cool thing and I wish I had the flexibility in my schedule to get involved.

Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you.


gcooke said...


I believe it is quite competitive to get either a counselor or CIT position, so I wouldn't take it too close to heart.


Well, as the alumni ranks increase, the word will get out. I will give some tastes of the "special sauce" though.


Thanks for the interest....I will try to make it fun and informative.


Joe's Brother said...

Hi George --

I responded to your question with another post in my blog. I mostly piggy backed your sentiment with some thoughts I've been having for a long time now.

- Joe's Brother