Thursday, July 12, 2007

New UPA Registration/Rostering Guidelines

So, there are about 6 weeks to go until the new Team Registration Deadline of August 24th. Never enough time, really, to get the word out on what is, in my opinion, both a big deal and a cultural shift in the way the UPA operates. This year marks the final break from the idea that unregistered teams could walk up on Saturday morning of Sectionals and still participate. Granted, we have had a "Late Deadline" which created a buffer for those teams that missed the "Early Deadline", so teams have not been able to walk-up for a couple of years, but now it is don't get your roster in by August don't play.

Here is the link to the specific language in the 2007 Club Series Guidelines

These rules are going to make the jobs of our volunteer coordinators easier. They will know, for example, how many teams they will have at their event on August 24th! Gone, also, are the days of a team submitting an "invalid" roster (meaning between the old "early deadline" and "late deadline"), but taking a bid to Regionals from one of the teams that submitted a valid roster. So, if you are in a Section in which you are concerned about the number of bids you will receive to Regionals, you better let the other teams in your Section know that they must get their rosters in by August 24th.

I will summarize the two key changes for 2007:

1) Team Registration Deadline: All teams wishing to participate in the 2007 Club Series MUST submit a valid roster(7 players minimum, unless granted a college extension) via the online rostering system by August 24, 2007.

That's it. Simple. In order to play this year, your captain must submit your team's roster by August 24th.

2) Roster Deadline:
a) Teams must finalize their rosters by the Tuesday before Sectionals
b) Teams can drop as many players as they want between the Team Registration Deadline and the Roster Deadline
c) Teams can add up to 7 players(regardless of how many they drop)between the Team Registration Deadline and the Roster Deadline

So, in other words, if you submit a roster on August 24th with 20 players, you will be able to carry, at the maximum, 27 for the Fall Series. You could drop 4 and add 7 for a total of 23, but you will not have more than 27 for the Series.

I am happy to answer any questions, but I recommend contacting your SC if you have specific concerns.


kbf said...

hey george,

do you know if this is going to be in effect for the college 2008 series?



gcooke said...

Hi Kendra,

I think that the decision will be made in the fall before the College Guidelines are updated.

I can say that for the past several years College has followed the changes in the Club Guidelines.


Greenough said...

Sometimes college even led club in new rules, now of club would only adopt the two observer system...

Warrior Princess said...

Just a small correction: it lets you know the MAXIMUM number of teams you may have at sectionals by August 24th- I don't think there is any penalty for registering and dropping. College teams can add as many players as they like up until the Tuesday before, as long as they submit the acompanying appropriate material by August 24th. I am personally trying to encourage my college captains to sign up even if they don't know by the 24th if they'll have a team.

gcooke said...


This is correct. There is College Extension language in the Guidelines.

There is no penalty for registering and then dropping. The rules for allocating bids to Regionals is that the total number of teams from a section is the total of valid rosters that PARTICIPATE in Sectionals. So, after Sectionals, the UPA looks at the participating teams and, if teams drop, then the bid allocations are recalculated.