Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NUTC 1: Wrapping Up

typing one handed as my wife is busy helping the counselors wrap things up. week 1 is almost a wrap. dylan's team plays micah's team in the finals and then we all go home.

adam fagan (nutc 06, carlton, mischief) stopped by for a few days. in general, the kids seemed to learn a lot and, for the most part, had a good time.

i noticed dylan helping out a few players with how to lay out. i went over to offer tips, but, for some reason, they didn't seem interested.

dylan's team beat zip in semis and micah beat sambob/ebay. both were very good games. hard fought, great plays, good energy.

i did manage to play "motorcycle girl" with my wife playing guitar....

overall, camper numbers are up 30% this year, so we have a couple of days to reload and then it begins again on sat.


Tarr said...

typing one handed as my wife is busy

I know what you meant here, but wow.

gapoole said... ot a good thing, or a bad thing that I did not notice what Tarr noticed? Actually, I got pretty good at typing with one hand when I broke my wrist this spring. I had to write a bunch of essays for school, so I learned to stretch my hand out and experiment, because tip-tapping got old real fast. (My pinkie now does a lot of the work) Now, I do it all the time, whenever I have to hold a drink or sandwhich or book. It's nice skill to have.

gcooke said...

ok...i added some clarity for the sick one's like tarr.....


Jeters said...

George...sorry to hear the news.

Dragon Dictate is getting better every version. You might consider giving it a trial run, but I'n not sure on the present price.


gcooke said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks for that info. I went to see my doctor today and they removed my I am typing with two hands now!