Thursday, July 19, 2007

NUTC: Finals/Haiku/Changes in Medicine

All photos are courtesy of Brian Cook Photography. I will include just a few shots that he took on Weds.

Dylan's team won the finals. I had to leave camp early to get to the doctor, but Dylan's team was very good this week. Nonetheless, the tournament was enjoyed by all. I heard that Leila said that her and Brent's first win in the last game of the tournament was her best NUTC moment...awesome.

The high point of the Talent Show was Zip doing Rec Specs??(I think that is what it is called) with two campers providing the music and narration. It culminated in Zip doing the worm on a table with a disc on his head and then doing a tango with Tiina.
Here is Jess' Haiku from the Talent show(Orin is one of our excellent nurses):


Where is my shoulder?
Someone go find Orin now!
No more Birdman game

I went to the doctor today and they took some more x-rays. They said that the folks at Greenfield did a great job resetting my shoulder. They threw away my sling saying "They used to restrict this injury, but sports medicine proved that to not be effective. Now we do PT and we say that you can do as much as you are able". So, that is great. I start PT next week.

More to come once week 2 gets going.


dusty.rhodes said...

Would you look at that completely illegal mark by the bespectacled be-pink-headbanded kid in the bottom pic? Geez!

Remember kids, even if you're not touching the thrower OR even encroaching upon the thrower's disc space, you can still be a committing a violation!

gcooke said...


Right. this is from the "preparing for open play" drill. What you don't see is the little bump right as the receiver catches it.

No, seriously, as anyone who has watched any Ultimate this spring can say, old habits are hard to break. Tiina and I did discuss that we need to spend some extra time going over 11th ed marks and the new new disc space call.


Knappy said...


Wishing you a speedy recovery.


gapoole said...

Anybody watch the College Open finals? There were two kinds of Wisconsin marks: 5 feet away, straight up (on Dahl and Beau), or leaning into the thrower with your shoulder and fouling any break attempts (on everybody else).

Honestly, part of me thinks that aggressive, fouly marks should be part of competitive Ultimate. But I don't want strips or straddling, and where do you draw the line? So I think the 11th handles it well, even though the rule's wordiness is somewhat annoying.

Melissa said...

I just listened to some of your songs for the first time being as I'm a new reader rock. I'll have to listen to the rest before I pick favorites.

Jessica said...


i hope the next session is going well. a part of me wishes i can just ditch the law school plans and keep doing nutc sessions.

for the readers that read my haiku and thought to themselves 'what is the birdman game' i have your explanation.

the birdman game is something that i introduced to nutc campers. flashing a birdman signal requires both hands lifted and flipped to frame your eyes. if you are in you play the birdman game and you get flashed, you must lay down on the ground unless it threatens your life. there is a blocking signal that you can use to pre-empt the birdman which would save you from the embarrassment of laying down.

why did i introduce this silliness to nutc? the campers were playing a game that used negative and politically incorrect language, so i thought this would be a friendly and more positive alternative.

the campers may not remember every game in the tournament or every drill at session b. but i do think some of them will remember getting their counselor to lay down in the cafeteria at each and every meal.

peace, love, and birdman.

and get well soon!

dusty.rhodes said...

I go back and forth on the mark thing.

I continually end up with the concept that contact should be allowed. But this flies in the face of ultimate's impossible ideal of being "no-contact."

Its just that now we've got these rules and based on the 10? tournaments that I've played, I don't think that I've been legally marked once, except as a result of the guy not *yet* being close enough to bump me or to have an imaginary line drawn between two points on his body that encroaches upon my disc space.

I don't even think to call anything because I don't really find the extra couple of inches or seconds to be of any significant benefit.

gcooke said...

K, M, and G, Thanks.

Jess, Thanks for the explanation.

d, I think it will be interesting to see if throwers continue to let the marks go...ot try to define new boundaries.