Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Announcing UCPC 08/Request for Presentation Proposals

All of the permits and budget stuff is settled, so Tiina and I are excited to announce that UCPC 08 will be held on January 26, 2008 at Newton South High School.

The updated website is;

This year's theme is "Preparation and Performance for the Sport of Ultimate". We are accepting proposals for presentations until November 9, 2007. Please go to the "Presenters" page to submit a proposal.

We will be releasing information about registration, logistics, and who is presenting over the next few week, so stay tuned.


Nathan said...

As others might be interested, I will ask here rather than in private email:

What will be the format this year? Same as last year (formal presentations with a round-table at the end of the day)?

I ask out of interest and because I (and others) have commented that we think the experience could be improved by having the whole thing be a bit more interactive.

Please don't misinterpret this as dissatisfaction - I am simply trying to help improve things.

gcooke said...

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your comments. We passed out UCPC evals last year and also received feedback from e-mail. We received a lot of feedback with suggestions like yours as well as many other good comments as well.

Tiina and I are working on a number of different ideas to improve the format, the Ultimate Expo, etc. I appreciate that you would write this now as it is timely for our discussions.

I just want to make sure that I am totally clear on your request. Did you feel that the panel was the most interactive portion of the UCPC07? My sense from the feedback is that this was the case. Tiina and I have discussed including an additional panel or two during the day. Do you feel that the formal presentations should include more Q&A? Do you have any other suggestions for making it more interactive?

Thanks, G

Nathan said...

Yes, I thought the panel was the most interactive part, and yes, I think having additional panels would be great. And yes, I would be willing to serve on one if appropriate.

I also think that the formal presentations should be less formal - should include more Q&A. Perhaps have a shorter prepared session with more time for Q&A. Not sure the best way to encourage questions - I tried to do so last year, but only a few people (including you George - thanks!) actually asked questions.

gcooke said...


Thanks for those concrete suggestions. I think it should be no problem to build in more interactivity.

We plan on releasing the full roster of presenters by early Nov. That will give plenty of time before registration begins in Dec.

Thanks, G