Monday, October 15, 2007

More Deep Thoughts

-I received a call from one of my captains yesterday as I was headed back from NYC. I guess my girls won Purple Valley. I think this might be the first time the Whips have won a tournament. My understanding is that they lost to Williams on Sat, but beat Tufts in the final.

-With the light diminishing quickly in the afternoons, we are starting to have some practices in which we don't scrimmage. I do like that as it provides a reminder that actually playing is something not to be taken for granted.

-Finished seeding Nats. It was pretty consuming as there are some points with a glaring lack of data. The captains were great to work with and, thanks to Boston Invite, Labor Day, CHC, and ECC, we did have much better data than in previous years.

-Heady times for Boston sports...really a wicked pissah time to get provincial.

-We are getting great proposals in for the UCPC 08. Reminder that proposals are due by Nov 9.


Knappy said...

when are seeds going to become available?

gapoole said...

Daylight at practice is almost a foreign concept to me. Here at Rutgers, we get the fields after 7pm, under the lights. We plan on adding an 8am practice once a week, though. Think there could be any benefit, along the lines of tournament preparation, to have an early-morning practice, focused on conditioning and disc skills?

I was at BC this past weekend, and watched them win again. Wicked pissah, indeed.

gcooke said...

Hey Glenn,

....I don't think we are that much of a morning team.....
We are going inside when it gets dark to work on conditioning, though.