Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Deep Thoughts

-Interesting to drive directly from working the BC-Bowling Green game to Regionals. Obviously very different atmospheres. The BC game atmosphere was a bit mundane as the game was a blow out. Regionals, with everyone fighting to keep their seasons alive, was very exciting.

-One of my girls qualified for Mixed Nats with Bashing Pinatas. I think she might be the first Whiptail to do so while still a student.

-The end of the Open final has been written about in detail. Not much to say there other than it is rare to see someone very clearly take the game over and exert their will to that extent.

-It was nice to see the celebrations when teams earn their spot to Sarasota. For the established teams, earning a spot might be an afterthought, but I found it one of the most rewarding feelings.

-Brute really took it to Godiva in the Women's final. Pretty solid on both sides of the disc. They had 1 point scored on them on Sat...

-The Mixed Div does all that work to develop inter-Regional results and then we get three or 4 teams with little or no results plus no Moe, Deliverance, Puppet, Pleasuretown. I am especially curious about how Central Regionals played out as Moe was having a great season up until that point.

-Working on Zone D with the girls this week.


parinella said...

It was nice to see the celebrations when teams earn their spot to Sarasota.
George, can you shed some light on the anti-alcohol policy (and general overstrict rules) at Devens? Do they really have a need to ban alcohol to such an extent that they feel obligated to look through trash bags?

And the parking restrictions seem excessive, too. For instance, there is no parking (or dropping off or waiting even) in the lot near frisbee central. Back when the big building was in use, this may have made sense, as they wanted to provide parking for their normal patrons. But that building is not in use at all during frisbee tournaments, yet the ban remains.

gcooke said...

Hi Jim,

I should be clear that my comment was made about the specific on-field rush (a la Boston's win over GOAT) at the end of the game and not what occurred after. I didn't witness any drinking, but I left pretty soon after the Boston game.

I am not aware of the why/how. etc of the Devens rules. My involvement in these events is totally on the admin side. BUDA folks like Geoff tend to be the one's negotiating the contracts.

I don't have any problem with the drinking policy. Its their place and they can decide what they want to do with it. I also don't think it is as much that they search through the garbage cans as much as beer bottles make a distinct sound when they are in the bag......

I think taking a look at the parking rules specifically regarding the Frisbee Central lot makes sense. I think it would have to be either open for parking or not, though, as there is not the staff to handle managing a drop off only policy, and, even if were just an open lot, it would require management as folks would start parking all over the place as there are not enough spots.