Monday, October 22, 2007

Qtrs Predictions?

Very busy getting ready for this show I am doing. I am pretty bummed I will not be making the trip down south this week........

So, let's discuss brackets.

Please feel free to post your predictions for qtrs/semis/finals of any/all divs.


Handy said...

Hey George, in what capacity are you involved in this show, it looks great, I'm going to try and rally the troops to go.


gcooke said...

I play bass guitar in the band.


DanO said...


Posted some thoughts on the Mixed division on rsd here:

No real predictions, as I didn't want to give anyone bulletin board material. Not a lot of substantive follow up, other than people pointing out where I am dumb (e.g. Tandem not beating Slow and ICE not beating Moe).

Any thoughts from what you (or others) have seen this season? Should be an interesting tournament.